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Sunrise Haven Assisted Living Facility is located in Texas Township just southwest of Kalamazoo, MI. Dave and Tammy McCord have been working hard to get an assisted living facility opened that makes residents and their families feel as if they are at home. Both of them have attended the Residential Assisted Living Academy earning the title of Residential Assisted Living Specialist (RALS). The staff’s main goal is to provide excellent personalized care for each resident in a home setting.

Dave is the CEO of the parent company. He has been working in the healthcare field as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) for 5 yrs. He has worked in the large big box facilities and has seen the need first hand of needing a quality care and putting resident’s needs first. In the large box’s he saw where there was 15 + residents to one caregiver. With those stats the residents are not getting their needs always met. He wanted to be able to offer our seniors a place that gave them low resident to caregiver ratio and also offer a home setting. His mother was a social worker that saw the need for quality care. That is why when they started looking for a home to place Dave’s grandfather they looked for a smaller home type facility. They were able to find one and were very happy with the care he received while he was there. This has always stuck with Dave.

Tammy is the Administrator of Sunrise Haven. She was a Certified Nurse Aide for a number of years before leaving the industry to pursue a different career. She recalls most days while working in the large facilities she would have over 20 residents, so all she could do was get them dinner and put them into bed without providing the proper care. There wasn’t time to give any of them personal time or care. She has always had a caring nature toward the aging generation. Even when she was young she was drawn to that older generation. Wanting to spend time with elderly ladies from the church she attended. Her Grandmother had a brain tumor removed when she was six years old. Her mom and Grandfather were the main caregivers for Grandmother as she was growing up. So Tammy spent a lot of time at her grandparents helping. Then her Grandfather was diagnosed with Leukemia during her senior year of high school and she wanted to be able to help out as much as possible. She loves being able to give excellent and personal care to those that need it. This is why she is so excited to be able to offer this with a small facility and low resident to aide ratio. She comes from a family that her mother is an LPN, one aunt is an RN and then her other aunt a Nurse Practitioner. She also has a cousin that is an LPN in a nursing home in Indiana. Both of her sisters have been caregivers in facilities at some point in their work history. So caring for people has been in her blood. She is excited for this new venture and being able to offer quality care.

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